Podcast Episode 2: Fight My Way (with Show Notes)

Hi everyone! We're back with a second episode of Stars in My Pocket. We're thrilled to welcome Laica, our new addition to the Stars family! Warning: Chock-full of spoilers below! https://youtu.be/wA9Zn1v_BWc Cast & Characters Kim Ji-won as CHOI AE-RA Park Seo-joon as GO DONG-MAN Song Ha-yoon as BAEK SEOL-HEE Ahn Jae-hong as KIM JOO-MAN Show... Continue Reading →

First Impressions: Manhole

First in our series of First Impressions -- Saya and Laica do a short review of the first four episodes of Manhole (Feel So Good). This series of video podcasts will focus on shows we start with some expectations and the rising happiness or plummeting disappointment we experience in the first few weeks, as we... Continue Reading →

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