47. TLY – A Moment at 18 | Melo is My Nature | Love Alarm | The Great Show | Rookie Historian | Level Up

Welcome back to the Long Yak! We've been working our way through a million and a half dramas just so we could talk to you about them. It's a division of labour we've got down to a science, so we hope there's something for everyone inside! What's stuck for you in all the new shows?... Continue Reading →

45. TLY – Hotel Del Luna | Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung | Search WWW | Level Up | Watcher

It's the Long Yak! We say goodbye to the unforgettable Search: WWW, and welcome Hotel Del Luna, Rookie Historian,  Class of Lies, and Watcher. What are you watching lately? Designated Survivor: First Thoughts - bit.ly/DesignatedSurvivorFI Time Stamps: 00:04:25 - Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung 00:21:50 - Designated Survivor 00:23:51 - Hotel Del Luna 00:37:29 - Level Up... Continue Reading →

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