Diversity in Dramaland: K-dramas and Racial Stereotypes

Backstreet Rookie In many ways, I think the less time spent talking about SBS's Backstreet Rookie, the better, but unfortunately, we need to talk about it because it has Problems. Big ones. And I don't just mean the questionable casting, because—against all common sense and public conversation—this is the show that went one better and... Continue Reading →

Podcast 17. The Long Yak -Lawless Lawyer | Greasy Melo | Sketch | A Poem A Day

https://soundcloud.com/akdramapodcast/the-long-yak-4-are-you-human-too-what-is-wrong-with-secretary-kim-sketch-lawless-layer SHOWNOTES: 00:01:27 News Item #1 - Lee Seo-won charged for sexual assault 00:07:58 News Item #2 - Sequel to Signal in the works! 00:08:56 News Item #3 - Lead Hunting For Clean With Passion For Now 00:12:10 News Item #4 - Seo In-guk back from Army and cast in Hundred Million Stars From the... Continue Reading →

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