57. TLY – Crash Landing on You | Itaewon Class | Doctor Romantic 2 | Black Dog

I don't know about you guys, but I've been waiting a while for a proper Long Yak! We finally manage to reconvene (for the first time since the Year-end Yak!), and catch up on all the stuff that had gone down in our accidental hiatus. But that's nothing to the way literally the entire world... Continue Reading →

Podcast 25. The Long Yak – Familiar Wife | Terius Behind Me | Heart Surgeons | My ID is Gangnam Beauty

https://soundcloud.com/akdramapodcast/25-the-long-yak-familiar-wife-terius-behind-me-ghost-detective-my-id-is-gangnam-beauty Hey guys! The Long Yak this month covers some new dramas and some that we just finished. We don't have the news or upcoming segments in this one, but we'll definitely do them next Yak. Let us know your thoughts on whatever you're watching right now! TIME STAMPS - CURRENTLY WATCHING 00:06:18 - Familiar... Continue Reading →

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