Record of Youth: Episodes 5-6

We’re well into the show’s groove and this week it was all about couples—not so much the romantic ones (though of course there is, but all the other complicated ways in which two people can be connected to each other. Down below, we look at what those connections do to them, and what they... Continue Reading →

Record of Youth: Episodes 3-4

The second week of Record of Youth continues to add layers to its already layered relationships. I’m surprised by just how much ground the show covers in two hours—meaning that a whole lot of change has happened since opening week (also whoops, we're behind, but we still haven't decided whether to run full cover on... Continue Reading →

Stranger 2: Episodes 5-6 Review

Things keep getting more complicated, as Yeo-jin and Shi-mok are pulled further in opposing directions by their superiors, and the web of corruption surrounding the Police-Prosecution Council continues to expand. Our protagonists have to gauge what they're willing to lose in the cause of justice—and what choices they even have. Anisa: This week's episodes were... Continue Reading →

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