87. What’s Up in Dramaland: Park Hye-soo Bullying Allegations | Kim Eun-sook Ascending | Adversarial Banmal | Upcoming Dramas of March

March is turning out to be a grim month in Dramaland—we recorded this episode just as the Park Hye-soo story broke, but you can be sure we'll be following up on the later stories (i.e. Ji-soo) in our future episodes. It's a lighter month at least for premieres—the highlight of which is Lee Min-ki's return... Continue Reading →

Podcast 86. The Long Yak – LUCA | Mr Queen | She Will Never Know | True Beauty

https://soundcloud.com/akdramapodcast/86-tly-luca-mr-queen-she-will-never-know-true-beauty Our first long yak of 2021 lands in February. We cover some recently wrapped dramas and two that we just started. TIME STAMP:04:58- LUCA17:04 - True Beauty35:59 - She Would Never Know44:34 - Mr Queen59:27 - Anisa's Riddles Paroma's video essay on Mr Queen. Follow us on Twitter @dramasoverflow and Instagram @dramasoverflowers_. Email us... Continue Reading →

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