74. The Long Yak – 18 Again | Record of Youth | Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

We're back with a Long Yak! We've decided to split our monthly yaks about what we've been watching (which were more like woolly mammoths, let's be real) so that we can get the episodes out to you more quickly and hopefully in a more manageable chunk for your ears! This episode we discuss ongoing shows... Continue Reading →

Podcast 30. The Long Yak – Memories of the Alhambra | My Strange Hero | Boyfriend | The Last Empress

First Long Yak of 2019!Listen to the episode right here:Time Stamps:00:01:17 - Anisa's paper on KoreaCURRENTLY WATCHING DRAMAS --00:09:07 - MY STRANGE HERO00:26:52 - BOYFRIEND/ENCOUNTER00:39:21 - THE LAST EMPRESS00:46:21 - MEMORIES00:56:43 - JUST DANCE/DANCE SPORTS GIRLS01:00:16 - TOP STAR YOO BAEK01:09:47 - MY AJUSSHI01:13:54 - RED MOON BLUE SUN01:20:20 - TIMELESS01:25:24 - MEN ON A... Continue Reading →

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