Weekend Drama Report: Watching family dramas, with family

Hallo! We don't have the energy for a regularly formatted Weekend Drama Report this week. So we (Paroma and Anisa) thought we'd talk about what we’ve been watching in a more conversational way. Let us know what you think of this new format! Anisa: I actually have been watching a bunch of stuff, but maybe... Continue Reading →

Weekend Drama Report: Moon-young’s outfits

We are completely exhausted from a week of compiling listener feedback and preparing for and recording our two-episode special on representation and problematic tropes in Dramaland, so we're all out of words. (Stay tuned!) Have a bunch of Moon-young's gorgeous outfits from It's Okay to Not Be Okay instead. (The header image is my favorite... Continue Reading →

Weekend Drama Report [07.07.20]

If you’ve been able to catch up or start new dramas this week, what have you been watching? Are you enjoyably creeped out by It’s Okay Not to Be Okay? Did you start anything new? Here’s what we started, finished, dropped, or kept watching this week. (Note: We’ll mention some plot details, but major spoilers will... Continue Reading →

K-drama Premieres: June 2020

This month is a relatively lean one for new dramas, with a tendency towards horror/thriller in genre, which feels appropriate given my own horror as I watch the brutality unfold on the streets of my home country. Wishing you all safety and health, as always. 1 | The School Nurse Files / 보건교사 안은영 MDL... Continue Reading →

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