The Spoiled Yak

116. The Spoiled Yak – Yumi’s Cells Season 1

Paroma and friend of the podcast, Just Me, discuss the first season of Yumi's Cells - the perfect casting, the amazing music, the beats of the story that surprised us, the weight and beauty of the ending, and what we think will happen next! You can find Just Me on twitter @justepicness. Links: Download the Kdrama… Continue reading 116. The Spoiled Yak – Yumi’s Cells Season 1

The Wild Yak

114. The Wild Yak – Squid Game: Episodes 7-9

Finally, we have arrived at the titular Squid Game! Anisa is joined by our friend kfangurl to finish up this dystopic voyage into the human psyche. We take a spoilery dive into episodes 7-9, discussing those much-maligned English speaking actors, whether the ending worked for us, and our thoughts on a second season.  Links: kfangurl's excellent… Continue reading 114. The Wild Yak – Squid Game: Episodes 7-9

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Stranger 2: Episodes 1-2 Review

Anisa: We've been waiting long and impatiently for the follow-up to 2017's epic, dense, and cerebral thriller Stranger, or as we're used to calling it, Forest of Secrets, which is a beloved show around here. It's the first drama we'll  be reviewing weekly on the blog, and we're super excited to have some friends of… Continue reading Stranger 2: Episodes 1-2 Review