[First Thoughts] Designated Survivor: 60 Days, Episodes 1-2

Saya: Dude, this show is good. Paroma: The first episode was incredible. The way they started with the distant view of the National Assembly on fire, then the structure crumbling. All we know at this point is that our protagonist's (Ji Jin-hee) very young child is on a field trip at the Assembly, and he... Continue Reading →

Podcast 24. Audio Commentary on Full House, Episode 1

Hello, drama-heads! We're trying something new with this. https://soundcloud.com/akdramapodcast/24-audio-commentary-full-house-2004-episode-1-bonus A month ago, Saya, Anisa, and I sat in our respective bedrooms across three continents and connected over the net to watch the first episode of Full House together. The hour-long audio commentary below is what we recorded, and if you want to watch the episode... Continue Reading →

First Impressions: Manhole

First in our series of First Impressions -- Saya and Laica do a short review of the first four episodes of Manhole (Feel So Good). This series of video podcasts will focus on shows we start with some expectations and the rising happiness or plummeting disappointment we experience in the first few weeks, as we... Continue Reading →

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