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Diversity in Dramaland: K-dramas and Racial Stereotypes

Backstreet Rookie In many ways, I think the less time spent talking about SBS's Backstreet Rookie, the better, but unfortunately, we need to talk about it because it has Problems. Big ones. And I don't just mean the questionable casting, because—against all common sense and public conversation—this is the show that went one better and… Continue reading Diversity in Dramaland: K-dramas and Racial Stereotypes

Special Episodes, The Long Yak

Podcast 29. Year-End Yak 2018

Here's a special farewell to 2018 episode. We go over all the dramas we've loved and hated with a passion, as well as honorable mentions, non-2018 stuff we loved, what we wish we'd watched, and more. Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for spending 2018 with us! Whether it was an intermission or a crescendo, we… Continue reading Podcast 29. Year-End Yak 2018