Podcast 30. The Long Yak – Memories of the Alhambra | My Strange Hero | Boyfriend | The Last Empress

First Long Yak of 2019!Listen to the episode right here:Time Stamps:00:01:17 - Anisa's paper on KoreaCURRENTLY WATCHING DRAMAS --00:09:07 - MY STRANGE HERO00:26:52 - BOYFRIEND/ENCOUNTER00:39:21 - THE LAST EMPRESS00:46:21 - MEMORIES00:56:43 - JUST DANCE/DANCE SPORTS GIRLS01:00:16 - TOP STAR YOO BAEK01:09:47 - MY AJUSSHI01:13:54 - RED MOON BLUE SUN01:20:20 - TIMELESS01:25:24 - MEN ON A... Continue Reading →

Podcast 29. Year-End Yak 2018

Here's a special farewell to 2018 episode. We go over all the dramas we've loved and hated with a passion, as well as honorable mentions, non-2018 stuff we loved, what we wish we'd watched, and more. Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for spending 2018 with us! Whether it was an intermission or a crescendo, we... Continue Reading →

Podcast 28. The Long Yak – The Last Empress | Clean With Passion For Now | Red Moon Blue Sun | Memories of the Alhambra | Top Star Yoo Baek

In our last Long Yak of 2018, we cover a bunch of recently completed dramas, express our expectations of newly airing ones, and notice a strong theme of ableism in Korean dramas lately—if a male lead isn't perfectly perfect in body and mind, he can't be a hero. Once again, thanks so much to Kdramadaydreamer for typing... Continue Reading →

Podcast 27. The Long Yak – DramaFever | Where Stars Land | Beauty Inside | The Smile Has Left Your Eyes | Player | Kim’s Convenience

This month we start off by discussing the sudden shut down of DramaFever, what this means for the international viewership, how and when the licensing wars started in the KDrama world, and how fans access dramas when official channels are unavailable. We also talk about the Canadian sitcom, Kim's Convenience, which totally counts as a... Continue Reading →

Podcast 25. The Long Yak – Familiar Wife | Terius Behind Me | Heart Surgeons | My ID is Gangnam Beauty

https://soundcloud.com/akdramapodcast/25-the-long-yak-familiar-wife-terius-behind-me-ghost-detective-my-id-is-gangnam-beauty Hey guys! The Long Yak this month covers some new dramas and some that we just finished. We don't have the news or upcoming segments in this one, but we'll definitely do them next Yak. Let us know your thoughts on whatever you're watching right now! TIME STAMPS - CURRENTLY WATCHING 00:06:18 - Familiar... Continue Reading →

Podcast 23. The Long Yak – Time | Your Househelper | Thirty But Seventeen | Full House | My Princess

https://soundcloud.com/akdramapodcast/ep-23-the-long-yak-time-thirty-but-seventeen-your-househelper-full-house-my-princess TIME STAMPS ► CURRENTLY WATCHING: 00:01:40 - Time 00:09:40 - Your Househelper 00:17:13 - 30 But 17 (some more discussion at a later point) ALSO WATCHING: 00:31:44 - Full House (more at a later point) 00:40:47 - My Princess 00:48:55 - 30 But 17 01:02:04 - Full House

Podcast 21. The Long Yak (Part 2) – Legend of Fuyao | Meteor Garden | What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

https://soundcloud.com/akdramapodcast/ep-21-the-long-yak-6-part-2-legend-of-fuyao-meteor-garden-whats-wrong-with-secretary-kim TIME STAMPS ► CURRENTLY AIRING CHINESE: 00:01:12 - LEGEND OF FUYAO 00:05:03 - METEOR GARDEN COMPLETED DRAMAS: 00:18:17 - THE UNDATEABLES 00:22:19 - LAWLESS LAWYER 00:26:16 - SKETCH 00:27:49 - ARGON 00:32:19 - WOK OF LOVE 00:37:48 - WHATS WRONG WITH SECRETARY KIM? UPCOMING DRAMAS: 01:04:20 - FAMILIAR WIFE 01:06:47 - VOICE 2 01:08:35... Continue Reading →


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