51. The Spoiled Yak – Perfume and Search: WWW

We’re celebrating completing FIFTY EPISODES of this thing by starting a new type of episode: The Spoiled Yak! We try not to go into spoilers too much in our Long Yaks, so this is an opportunity to discuss the show from beginning to end, shocking twists, story and character arc resolutions and all. In this episode, Saya couldn’t join because she still hasn’t succumbed to our efforts to make her watch Search: WWW, but we got the very special treat of having our friend, crime novelist Anja De Jager, join us for a long discussion about Search. She also shared her thoughts about the ending of Perfume which made me rethink my negative initial impressions of that show.  –Anisa

00:01:51 – Perfume
00:16:07 – Search: WWW

Enjoy! Also check out the compilation videos of the drama-within-the-drama that Anja references, as well as a clip of that split-screen post-breakup montage we squeed over:

Part 1

Part 2

Naver’s News Manipulation: Compromising K-pop’s International Fanbase? by Rimi and Gina seoulbeats.com/2019/07/navers-ne…national-fanbase/

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