Podcast 26. Kpop and its International Fans

Anisa and Paroma get greenfields (Rimi) and Sicarius to come tell us why Kpop is taking over the world, and how things work behind the scenes in the Korean music industry. (Links under the timestamps)

00:02:43 – Woes of Being a Kpop fan outside US
00:04:13 – Is Kpop a genre?
00:07:01 – Are Drama OSTs Kpop?
00:11:17 – How did you two come to this fandom?
00:16:59 – What is a Bias?
00:18:21 – Why Seventeen has 13 members
00:21:46 – Are Band dynamics scripted?
00:25:04 – Korean language lends itself well to rapping
00:27:39 – why Kpop rap is different from american/indian rap
00:32:07 – Conflict between an idol and a rapper
00:37:50 – Why are boybands more popular than girl groups internationally
00:40:46 – why do rimi and sica like boy bands more
00:44:24 – bromancey gimmicks on stage
00:46:15 – girl groups subjected to the male gaze
00:48:36 – how fangirls are maligned
00:50:54 – Toxic fandom and sasaengs
00:51:57 – When fans dictate what artists do
00:54:18 – HyunA and E’Dawn leaving Cube
00:55:52 – why companies promote fan obsession?
00:57:52 – slave contracts and lawsuits
01:01:19 – The East Light controversy
01:04:37 – why speaking the truth is hard under Korean Law
01:07:39 – Self produced artists
01:13:53 – opportunities for marginalised artists like Holland
01:17:27 – Do Kdramas portray idols well?
01:19:14 – Drama: SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND
01:20:58 – Drama: BEST HIT
01:22:52 – Suga’s mixtapes about the idol trainee life
01:25:20 – Favourite Groups


Sicarius’ post – www.dramabeans.com/members/sicariu…ctivity/634903/

Rimi’s Kpop covers – soundcloud.com/user-496240984/tracks
Realgreenfields – Tokyo

Drama Over Flowers:
Twitter – @dramasoverflow
Email – starsinourpocket@gmail.com
Patreon – www.patreon.com/dramasoverflowers

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