At a Distance, Spring is Green: Yeo Joon

by Yoldine Seventeen minutes into the first episode, I knew that I would not like Yeo Joon.  Here is what I knew: my dislike for him was a firm thing, and by episode’s end, it was still there. By Episode 2, the dislike had sprung roots. Its branches finding purchase in my discomfort with his… Continue Reading →

100. Mailbag | We Answer Listener Questions!

Welcome to the first Q&A with Dramas Over Flowers! We decided to answer some interesting email questions on the podcast in celebration of our 100th episode. We have loved taking this journey together and we appreciate every listener who’s joined us on the way. Please keep sending us these wonderful questions, so we can do… Continue Reading →

Some Announcements!

Not an episode, but we have some announcements about upcoming events, as well as some boring administrative stuff about Patreon and episode names (you wouldn’t know it by how much we giggle though). Register for KPSN to come see our panels on July 11th! Our Patreon page, where you can sign up to hear the… Continue Reading →


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