Record of Youth: Episodes 13-14 Review

After the last two episodes, our Saya decided to take a break from Record of Youth to preserve her sanity. She can be currently found in greener and more nourishing pastures over at the reviews of 18 Again. But I clearly have less sense, so here we are. Volunteering to brave the last two weeks… Continue Reading →

18 Again: Episodes 9-10 Review

It’s another week of tragicomedy and feeling in 18 Again. Anisa has finally caught up—just in time to join me and Saner in our collective flailing! The show brings a lot of big drama this week, but jumps in and out so fast that you barely get wet. Instead, a few running plot points converge… Continue Reading →



    DO DO SOL SOL LA LA SOL (Weekly reviews)

    Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol: Episodes 1-4 Review

    We’ll be doing these First Impressions reviews occasionally on the blog—not full weekly coverage, but just a review of Episodes 1-4 to get a sense of a drama’s story, tone, and direction. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that I will watch anything Lee Jae-wook does, so it’s probably no surprise… Continue Reading →

    18 AGAIN (weekly reviews)

    18 Again: Episodes 7-8 Review

    18 Again reaches the halfway mark this week, and this show continues to leave me speechless in so many moments. What a perfect two hours of television, and isn’t this show so darn underrated? Saner joins me again this week to talk out all of our feelings—the love, the sadness, the regret, and the exquisite… Continue Reading →


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    RECORD OF YOUTH (weekly reviews)

    Record of Youth: Episodes 11-12 Review

    We’re not allowed to put spoilers in this part of the post, so I’m just going to go ahead and tell you guys that this week was a week of drama where drama happened. Hye-joon had drama. Jung-ha had drama. Hae-hyo had drama. Some of them had drama together. Some of the drama was all… Continue Reading →

    Record of Youth: Episodes 9-10 Review

    Now we’ve crested the midpoint of the show, we launch right into a whole different game of… “celebrity is as celebrity does”? Hye-joon’s star is rising, and with great fame comes great envy all around, and more complicated feelings from the people closest to him who love him most. My feeling is that we’ll soon… Continue Reading →

    Record of Youth: Episodes 7-8 Review

    I really loved these episodes. Really really. I fully acknowledge that this drama is very focused on its visual presentation and stylising itself into these perfectly composed moments, but still the emotions of it are layered, and even if it’s not quite as messy, it’s no less complicated. Are its moments as organic as a… Continue Reading →


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    Stranger 2: Episodes 15-16 Review

    It’s a tense and emotional finale week, as everything finally comes together, and Shi-mok and Yeo-jin are forced to directly face the ugliness they’ve uncovered–and which has been hidden close by all this time. They have to decide once again what they’re willing to lose in their endless fight against the slow, hungry rot of… Continue Reading →

    Stranger 2: Episodes 13-14 Review

    It’s not finale week, but why does it already feel like it is? WE HAVE ONE MORE WEEK. A week we badly, desperately need after everything this week has dealt us—the biggest of which has been answers, so many answers. And of course therefore, even bigger questions. This show has never felt like it was… Continue Reading →

    Stranger 2: Episodes 11-12 Review

    The disparate pieces of the puzzle are beginning to come together, but there’s still no sign of a breakthrough. Everyone’s feeling the strain as the investigation leads to another dead end, and human life once again takes a backseat to politics. At least Shi-mok and Yeo-jin get to share a few moments of camaraderie this… Continue Reading →


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