93. The Spoiled Yak – True Beauty

This week we bring you a light hearted review of breakout webtoon adaptation True Beauty, a high school romance drama that sparked a lot of discussions and a lot of love for rising actor Hwang In-yeop. Joining us for our conversation is Rai, an avid consumer of webtoons and Asian dramas, who is also the… Continue Reading →

Sisyphus: The Myth: Review 13-14

Days away from the nuclear attack, Tae-sul and Seo-hae begin to finally use their knowledge of their own past attempts to change this future against Sigma. In a story where the villains are sticking hard to the timeline of previous pasts, so the future remains the same, the protagonists maybe should have started using this… Continue Reading →

91. The Spoiled Yak – Mr Queen

In this episode we discuss the utter joy and subtle heartbreak that was Mr. Queen. Dramas Over Flowers: Podcast · 91. Mr Queen Joining us for this discussion is Just Me, a friend of the podcast and very perceptive drama watcher. You can find her on Twitter @JustEpicness Follow us on Twitter @dramasoverflow and Instagram… Continue Reading →

Sisyphus: The Myth: Episodes 11-12 Review

Ahhhh this show. How can we be down to a mere 72 hours until the Apocalypse? đŸ˜± Also, how can I gather all my scattered thoughts and pin them down to a coherent body, fixed in time? (Spoiler: not coherent, a LOT of words.) First things first, though: that OST you’ve all been waiting for… Continue Reading →

Sisyphus: The Myth: Review 9-10

This review is a week late, but not because of a lack of enthusiasm. Sisyphus decided to take almost all of my complaints and burn them in a heap of glory from episode 7. The editing got tighter, the pace got faster, and the story became magnificent. Sisyphus in the last two weeks has been… Continue Reading →


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Below are all the dramas we have recapped/reviewed on this blog from the first to the last episodes. These reviews were structured as discussions between friends enjoying the same dramas, so they are full of spoilers. We hope you enjoy our glee and despair, and some stabs at deeper analysis between all the laughter.

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